Applying for a new job can be a daunting prospect. Searching for the ideal job can be time consuming, and when you find it many people often wonder how to structure their CV and what to include to make themselves stand out. As a recruitment company, we see a large volume of CV's from Property and IT professionals so here is our guide to writing a good quality CV!

    The length of your CV is important - employers do not need to know everything about your life, just the relevant bits. Keep the length of your CV to 2 A4 pages - MAX! You need to hold back some details for the interview stage, so here is what to include: where you have worked, your role within the company and just a few achievements from your time there. Most employers require 5 years of employment history, so if you have 20 years experience summarise the first 15 years in a small paragraph but focus on your most recent employment for the in depth detail. 

    We're all proud of our educational achievements. A quick way to outline this is to place your qualifications next your name. For example, "John Smith MSc MRICS" - this instantly alerts employers to the fact that you have a Master's degree and you're a chartered surveyor. Then list the specific details under your employment history. Again, keep this brief because you can discuss these things at length in the interview.

    Don't send the same CV to everyone. Each job has a different specification, and it is worth taking the time to make small changes to make your CV relevant to the job you are applying for. 

    It is also incredibly important not to lie! If they require a specific skill, simply explain that you are not able to do it but show that you are eager to learn. 

    The design is also important. It needs to look proessional, tidy and organised. Try to limit the text bu using bullet points and small summarises of your achievements instead of lengthy paragraphs. Listing your job title clearly is also important if you plan to use a recruitment firm, as this enables them to find and place your CV accordingly.