Recruiting for Recruiters

    As a director and shareholder of the business, much of the heavy lifting when it comes to new hires falls on my shoulders, so here is my list of what I think makes people stand out from the crowd.

    Applicants call for a discussion about the role before sending their CV over.
    I always think this creates a good impression, and shows good desire. It also gives me an early opportunity to assess how the person comes over on the phone, this is important given the amount of time we spend talking on the phone to our clients and candidates.

    The CV is well presented and concise.
    We receive many applications from people that have glaring errors in the CV, including spelling mistakes, American spelling for words and other errors. Given the CV is our product and recruiters read so many every day, mistakes are a big no no.

    The applicant arrives at the optimal time before the interview.
    This ideal time to arrive is around 5 minutes prior to the allocated time. The major issue we get, is people arriving early, it doesn’t create the best impression and I always think it shows good etiquette if you arrive in that golden 5 minutes before window. Should go without saying to not be late.

    Doing your research on us.
    It’s very obvious when a potential hire has done their homework on us as a company, and the recruitment sector generally (if they are a potential trainee). Likewise, it is equally as obvious when they haven’t.

    Selling yourself well
    Recruitment is a sales role, so we expect interviewees to have some confidence in their own abilities, and to convey that to us, when asked questions. Giving some pause for thought prior to answering is always a good idea.

    Ask questions!
    A good candidate will always have a list of questions prepared for us, and I always think it’s important that I get asked at least one or two at the end. I myself would always prepare 6 or 7 questions just to ensure I had at least one that hadn’t been covered during the interview.

    And finally
    Good candidates will ask how they have performed in the meeting, and if there were any concerns or reservations from our end, in fact I like it the most when the candidate directly asks if I would be willing to offer them a position!