As businesses look to the future following the global pandemic and its effects on the economy, organisations are adopting a new approach and are looking to baseline operations, maximise productivity and minimise waste.

Industry has gone through 2 years’ worth of change in just 2 months and it is brought about new ways of working; business processes have changed; external environmental factors are unpredictable, and businesses need to stay relevant.

We have always taken a different approach than some of our more traditional competitors on delivering value rather than just answering the brief. Our approach typically builds upon two main areas of business that work in conjunction with each other: building strategic client partnerships and providing a dependable talent acquisition service.

We believe it is fundamentally important to place ourselves in the shoes of the businesses we serve; we see ourselves as an extension of your organisation. This approach has proven to deliver tremendous value and allows us to eliminate common fears.

We are not the type of business who sightlessly match candidates to job adverts in hope of winning the work. Edgar Cowen are a trusted service provider who work relentlessly to understand your situation and align ourselves with your business goals and objectives; this enables us find you the right candidates that will get you ahead of your current challenges and ahead of your competition.

Understanding your challenges

Our most successful engagements come when we meet our clients, whether this is face to face or, more recently, via video calls. It allows us to ask questions and get a feel for how we can form a great partnership.

These initial discussions help us really get to the heart of the issue; we get on board with project leaders and hiring managers. We acknowledge the overall objectives and recognise what really matters to your business and derive real value.

We care about improving the overall customer experience, we are always looking to enhance our internal processes and procedures putting an emphasis on continuous improvement.

Research everything

We aim to carry out as much research as we can and rely on our professional knowledge and in-house expertise.

The goal is to validate any assumptions and statements made in the initial conversations. The types of research carried out will of course depend on budgets available and what the overall business objectives are, but some great examples are:


We engage with the best candidates because we communicate your brand in the best light, we learn where companies have come from and listen to their goals and objectives.

We have the capabilities and resource at hand to use a multitude of platforms and channels to capture the desired target audience through a variety of medias including some formats that are completely unique to us.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the process we work to eliminate factual errors, bold statements and discrepancies through an auditing process.

A problem in the recruitment industry is that many recruiters are tarnished incompetent for placing candidates who do not have the necessary skill or experience; we carry out an initial interview and evaluate candidates with industry specific assessments which help us to highlight the skill level of the applicant.

Absent of doubt

A complete audit means we can get a real understanding of what is expected and have complete confidence in the job at hand.

Pave the way to a better tomorrow

When it comes to getting the best value for your investment, we believe that this approach is the way to go. We have a number of clients who are adopting this approach with us as they have seen how it can deliver the best results, we'd be happy to work with you on your road map to deliver value and achieve your business objectives.