Edgar Cowen is in the business of developing long term relationships with our clients. When there is a vacancy to fill within your organisation, we understand how important for you to find the right candidate. Initially we would find out as much as possible about your company, the team, the culture and what type of person would fit into your organization. We would do this either by telephone or alternatively by visiting your premises to get a better feel for the role and individual you require.

With that in mind we can offer a range of services to best suit your needs.

Contingency search/Database Search

This is utilising our current list of candidates we have on file to fill a vacancy you have. We would take careful details of the requirement you have. After this one of our experienced consultants would search the database. A short list of candidates would be approached and given details of your company and the role, their CV would be submitted for your review. One or more candidates would be interviewed and hopefully one would be offered a position. You would be invoiced only after the candidate starts work and there is no financial commitment required from you until such a time as the candidate commences work with your organisation. This would be the first option to consider before any other, after all if we already have the candidate registered then it is sensible to utilise our database.

Advertised Search

This method would be used for senior or specialist roles. Your main benefit would be the reductions in price we could get for you due to our reduced advertising rates in trade publications.

We would visit your premises and take a comprehensive job specification. You would then be advised timing and media selection, following that we would then work with you and our award winning external graphic designers to come up with an advertisement that would create the right impression and attract prospective candidates.

It is also an option that you could keep your company logo off the ad if the role was sensitive or confidential. We would conduct interviews with all prospective candidates before they were put forward to you. Candidates would be then interviewed by you and hopefully one would be subsequently offered a position.

Search & Selection/Headhunt

It is a well known fact that the best employees are not looking for a new position, this method will target and attract candidates not available through any other method. Our experienced search consultant would visit you and take details of person specification. After a period of market research they would then enter the market utilising their industry knowledge and contact list to build up a list of potential candidates for the role. Candidates would be rigorously screened and interviewed and only after this would the shortlist of candidates be presented to you. A more 'normal' recruiting process would then take the process through to offer stage.

Temporary/Contract Staff

In today's changing world and in a climate of a short supply of candidates a temporary candidate may be the right solution to suit your needs. We have exactly the same quality and calibre of candidate looking for temporary work as we do on the permanent side. Our experienced temporary consultants can guide you through the process and give you the options open to you. In many cases the candidates will be immediately available and often can start work the following Monday!


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